About 3rd Planet Products, Inc.

3rd Planet Products, Inc, New York, USA.  Yes we are located in New York and 3rd Planet Products is now a "Inc." instead of a "ltd."  We are sad to announce the passing of Ian Seidler, the founder of the Celebrator II® 1942-2020.  The CII is a high demand sex toy that is different than the others which is i why once you try the CII you don't go back to your previous toy.    In 2021 Deedee Seidler, Ians wife, and Dave Kaskel decided to join forces and get the Celebrator II® back on the shelves of adult stores everywhere!  With Deedee's knowledge of the Celebrator II® and Dave's knowledge of online business, manufacturing connections, warehousing, experience and reputation in the adult industry and distribution knowledge, this is a winning combination.  In 2021 talks of getting the Celebrator II® back on the market began but improvements needed to be made such as making the Celebrator II® rechargeable and tweaking its' physical look and packaging.  This was a long and tedious process but finally around December 2022 the upgraded Celebrator II® was born and available for sale.  Deedee is still located in San Antonio and Dave is located in New York where the business is run from.  If you need to contact us please use the contact page on this website.  Email is best.  Thank you

Highest regards,

Dave and Deedee