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August 2023

3rd Planet Products Announces the Return of the Original Oscillating Clitoral Stimulator “The Celebrator II” is Poised for Reintroduction to the Sexual Health and Wellness Market

August 1, 2023 - New York - 3rd Planet Products, Inc. is proud to announce that it has launched the reintroduction of its acclaimed oscillating c-stim sexual health product to the market. The effort spearheaded by owner David Kaskel the Celebrator™ is now available to wholesalers and distributors and has significant plans for consumer education and sexual health and wellness influence in the coming year.
After extensive studies, the Celebrator™ proved to be a favorite in clitoral stimulation as it provided unique yet effective pleasure even to those females who otherwise had a difficult time reaching orgasm. After years of experimenting with different external vibrators and vulva massagers and holding dozens of clinical focus groups, we realized that arbitrary vibration was not the key to climaxing via the clitoris, but that oscillation at varying strengths specifically stimulated the nerve endings delivering an entirely different sensation and guaranteed orgasm. Thus the original Celebrator™ was born.

Boasting a proprietary design and state of the art oscillation mechanism within the Celebrator™, oftentimes referred to the “toothbrush-looking device” this clever invention has helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world reach pleasurable orgasms and maintain healthy sex lives even when facing clinical issues that would otherwise prevent them from doing so. Safe for solo or partnered use, the Celebrator™ is proven to be a vital addition to every bedroom. Having a true sense of pride in empowering every woman to “own your orgasm®” Celebrator™ was fast becoming a household name until the pandemic hit and everything came to a sudden stop.

During this time, Kaskel became the owner of the company and moved it to New York to ensure Celebrator™ would continue to be available to women worldwide. While the world was shut down for two years, Kaskel  started the transition of the business.

In December 2022 an updated version of The Celebrator™ made its initial debut to the market. Just as powerful and effective as its predecessor, the new version features various functionalities that have upgraded the device and satisfies the needs of today’s consumers.  Addition upgrades have also been made including superior engineering, packaging and more!

The Celebrator™ still has two precision programmed oscillation levels, is now cordless - rechargeable via USB, and waterproof. Its tip is replaceable and its discreet design affords its users the ability to not have to hide it from plain site.

Kaskel and his team have committed themselves to seeing the Celebrator™ and the iterations to follow to great success. “We could not be more thrilled with the plans we have in place for the next year,” Kaskel gushed, “between our new sales team, marketing plans and the education program we are developing, should be a tremendous year in sexual health and wellness with Celebrator™ at the forefront of it. Everyone deserves to ‘own their orgasms®’ and we plan to continue to deliver the tools to get you there.”
Celebrator™ is currently available for wholesale and distributor purchasing. Contact support@3rdplanetproducts.com for details on how to order and retail support.

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March 2023

The altitudes show was amazing!  Met so many great people and had a great time.  We actually SOLD OUT!!  We placed an emergency order with our supplier for more product!  Got some great feedback and may be coming our with an all black Celebrator by year end!  Tips and replacement charging cords will be coming soon as well!  March Special thanks goes to Mason Luke and Athenas and all of our new clients which you can find on our retail links page.




3rd Planet is working on securing USA, Australian and Canadian distributor for the Celebrator™ clitoral stimulator female massager.  We are looking at several companies in each country.   Just the final details need to be worked out.  Once it is official, the name of the Celebrator™ distributor will be announced.

We have also been working on all the details for our booth at the Altitude Intimates show March 2023 at the Paris Hotel in Vegas.  It has been years since the Celebrator™ has been seen at a trade show and we are very excited to show off our updated version of this sought after sex toy.