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Why do I have to sign up for an account?

We ask all vendors to sign up for an account so we can keep track of who is selling the CII™ and where. One reason for this is to prevent counterfeits so your clients can buy in confidence from you. 3rd Planet Products, Inc. has the right to cancel, revoke, terminate, decline any application or existing account for any reason.  3rd Planet Products, Inc. has sole discretion as to who is approved or denied selling privileges.

Am I allowed to resell the Celebrator II® wholesale to other parties?

With the exception of authorized distributors, purchasing the Celebrator II® wholesale from 3rd Planet Products, Inc or an authorized distributor and reselling on a wholesale level to other vendors or individuals is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  THIS TYPE OF INFRACTION WILL LEAD TO IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR SELLING PRIVILEGES.

Even selling to authorized 3rd Planet Products, Inc. vendors is not allowed.

Purchasing the Celebrator II® on a wholesale or distributorship level from anyone other than 3rd Planet Products, inc. or one of its' approved distributors is also prohibited.   For a list of approved distributors please contact us.  Currently as of 2023 we have not found a distributor we are comfortable with.  If you are a distributor and want to carry the CII™, please contact us.

Is there MAP? 

Yes there is MAP. The Minimum Advertised Price we allow is $79.99.  Our MAP policy is strictly for internet sales.  You can charge any price at your physical location but any Celebrator II® sold or advertised online MUST be no less then $79.99

ALL vendors must sign a simple MAP agreement during sign up by checking the "I agree" check boxes at the bottom of the form.

Do you enforce MAP?

Absolutely.  We have people searching the internet for discounters.   If a vendor violates MAP they will have 48 hours to correct the infraction.  If this first infraction is not corrected within that time frame, they will be suspended for a period of time before allowed to purchase the Celebrator II® again.  All prices must be restored to MAP before reinstatement will be considered.   In addition,  if you violate MAP a second time, a mandatory 1 year minimum or a lifetime suspension will take effect.  This is at our discretion on a case by case basis.  Penalties, fees or both may be applied to reinstate repeat violators. ie. no tiered discounts or high fines to reinstate account.

We also have the right to cancel any account at any time for any reason.

Who can purchase the Celebrator II?

Retailers and distributors may purchase from us after their registration application has been processed and approved.   Those vendors from New York and Georgia must provide a resale certificates that we can collect after registration via email.   You must be registered with your local state to collect sales tax and be tax exempt.  If you are a legal business you understand what we are saying.

Where do you ship from?

We ship out of Michigan, USA.

May I sell on 3rd party platforms?

We do not allow the CII™ to be sold on 3rd party platforms including but not limited to amazon, eBay, Walmart, Facebook marketplace or other publicly available 3P websites without direct approval and permission from 3rd Planet Products, Inc..  We allow one dealer per platform.   3rd Planet Products reserves the right to revoke this approval and permission at any time for any reason.   We are currently seeking a retailer for eBay.  If you are interested in this please contact us and tell us your eBay experience.   You CAN sell on your privately owned domain and must honor MAP at all times to keep your account in good standing.

I live outside the USA, who pays VAT and other taxes and fees?

If an order is shipped outside the USA, the buyer, receiver of the order will pay any VAT, import fees, taxes etc.    3rd Planet Products is ONLY responsible for shipping product to you.  The buyer, client is responsible for all added taxes and fees associated with receiving  goods. 

We do not sell to Europe.  This is for your protection as our Trademark does not cover that part of the world and we do not want you in any legal trouble.

What do I do if I think someone is selling counterfeit Celebrator II's®?

If you have reason to believe a store, website or vendor of any kind is selling counterfeit products, please contact us ASAP with all the details as to why you believe this is counterfeit.  You can contact us through this website or directly using email.

If we have questions about an order or the Celebrator II®, how do we get in touch with you?

You can contact usthrough this website.  EMAIL is the best way to contact us.  If you need to actually talk with us, you can email us to arrange a time to talk as our schedule is very busy and it will be very difficult to reach us by phone.  If you need to contact us please email.  Thank you. 

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