Anorgasmia is a medical condition characterized by the inability to achieve orgasm, even with adequate sexual stimulation. It’s more than just ‘I couldn’t cum the other night because the guy I was with was terrible in bed.’ It rises to the level of an inability to reach orgasm even if every other factor is absolutely perfect.

You are alone on a beautiful tropical island with the man of your dreams. He says all the right things, the weather is perfect, the ocean is roaring in the background and he takes his time pleasuring you. The foreplay goes on forever and the sex lasts an eternity. You should be cumming over and over and over again, but you just can’t seem to have it happen?

People who suffer from Anorgasmia liken it to having a brand new car but being unable to fit the key into the ignition. All the parts are present, but something just isn’t working correctly.

The 3 Main Signs You Are Facing Anorgasmia

1 - Consistent Difficulty Reaching an Orgasm

If you regularly experience difficulty reaching an orgasm despite being sexually aroused and engaged in solo or partnered sexual activity you may be dealing with Anorgasmia. Experiencing an inability to cum once is not Anorgasmia. Sufferers face the brick wall of frustration time and time again.

2 - Sexual Frustration Throughout The Day

If you find yourself feeling frustrated, anxious, or dissatisfied during the rest of your day due to the inability to climax, it's worth exploring the issue further.

3 - Changes Over Time In Your Sexual Satisfaction

In the case of secondary anorgasmia, if you previously experienced regular orgasms but have recently started struggling to reach orgasm, this is a significant sign your your difficulty needs to be addressed.

If you suspect you are suffering with anorgasmia, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider or a sex therapist and to start solving the puzzle of what is causing your sexual frustration.

Often the solution is as simple as making a change to a medication regiment to reduce side effects, putting date nights with your spouse back on your calendar every month, or trying a new position turns your stale sex life into the vibrant playtime with your partner it always ought to be.

As Has Been Said Often – Knowing Is Only Half the Battle

Once you identify a potential problem with Anorgasmia many people make the mistake of isolating themselves, bottling up their libido and feeling a profound loneliness that does nothing to solve the puzzle.

A much more healthy and helpful approach is to make use of support groups, do your own research on the topic, discuss it candidly and constructively with your sexual partner, seek help from a trained professional medical adviser and accept the joy of the journey as you move toward greater orgasmic satisfaction.

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November 14, 2023 — Tabitha Melrose