Anorgasmia...causes, symptoms, what is it?


If you haven’t heard the word “Anorgasmia” until now, it’s one you should know about because it will quickly help you understand that what you are feeling is actually much more common than you may have originally believed… and YES there are ways to fix it!

Anorgasmia is a fancy term for anyone having difficulty reaching the big "O" during sexual activity. If you are suffering from an anorgasmic lifestyle right now, the first step to overcoming an inability to cum is knowing that you are very much not along. It may feel like you are missing the grand finale at a fireworks show, but your frustrations are common enough that there is actually a word for it and there are also some prove ways to get yourself back on the path to orgasmic bliss.

It All Starts With Identifying The Root Causes

Anorgasmia is like that tricky puzzle you just can't seem to solve if you don’t look closely at the causes underlying it. For starters you’ll want to self-identify as someone who has never been able to orgasm, or someone who was able but is now no longer able to orgasm. Often the causes of these two conditions and the remedy for each are very different from one another.

If You Have Never Been Able To Orgasm

The most likely cause for this kind of Anorgasmia is a medical one. It may be an anatomical difficulty or a hormone deficiency or any number of other easily treatable conditions that you and your doctor should definitely discuss. There is an entire field of medicine devoted to rectifying these kinds of obstacles and one doctor’s visit may be all it takes to clear up the normal physical barrier you are facing.

Way too often patients feel an unwarranted sense of embarrassment and are unwilling to seek medical help from a professional because of some puritanical notion that sex is too private to discuss. Nothing in the sexual health and wellness realm is ever too private for you to consult about with your doctor. Support groups and other organizations aimed at helping people to move past the stigma of sexual inefficiency exist specifically to help you and others reach a point in their journey where you are willing an able to simply ask for the help you need from the doctors trained to provide you with the kind of care you deserve! 

If You Used To Be Able to Orgasm But Can’t Anymore

This is the much more common, and more complicated puzzle to solve. Step one is looking at what changed between the time when you could cum and now that you can’t. Obviously if the inflection point was a physical injury or something of that sort, seeing your doctor is again the first step to recovery – but more often it’s the result of a less visible or obvious proximate cause.

Stress Monsters: First up, stress can be a real buzzkill. Your brain is like a control center for pleasure, and if it's preoccupied with worries, orgasms might feel like elusive butterflies.

Medication Mysteries: Some medications can have side effects that mess with your orgasmic adventures. Check those pesky leaflets for any mentions of "orgasm impairment."

Relationship Rollercoasters: Believe it or not, the quality of your relationship can play a major role. Emotional connections, trust, and communication all have a say in this matter. Sometimes, it's not about you, it's about "us."

Psychological Puzzles: Things like anxiety, depression, or past traumas can be like sneaky little gremlins that sabotage your orgasmic journey. Working through these issues with a professional can make a big difference.

Solutions and Seeking Help There IS A Bright Side

Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, I know the possible culprits, but what can I do?" Well, the good news is that most cases of anorgasmia can be addressed. Here are a few possible solutions:

Communication is Key: Talk to your partner about your feelings and concerns. They can be your sidekick in this adventure, and knowing what works for you can make all the difference.

Stress-Busting Strategies: Explore relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or even a relaxing bath. Reducing stress might just set the stage for fireworks.

Solo Practice: Sometimes, the best way to understand what makes you tick is to do some solo exploration. Learning about your own body is like finding the hidden treasure map. Sometimes, it's all about technique. Knowing your body and what makes it tick is a valuable skill. Exploring your own desires and preferences can help guide your partner in the right direction.

Time To Improve Your Sex Toy Box:

If you are still using your fingers or an old wooden dildo from the dark ages that may be a huge part of the problem. Whether you upgrade your sex life to include the Celebrator Sex Toy so many women rely on for their best orgasms or some other new additions to your toy box like butt plugs, cockrings, handcuffs and blindfolds what matters is that you continue exploring your sexuality in all its naughty glory until you finally find the kind of full body toe-curling orgasmic release that you have always been seeking!


October 10, 2023 — Tabitha Melrose